Trinity Art Studios supports and assists the Artist in Residence to facilitate their development of new work and introduce them to the area of Trinity Buoy Wharf & London City Island, its community, and surroundings.

Trinity Art Studios Artist in Residence Program provide space, accommodation and resources for emerging artists and cultural innovators. Students fresh from art schools, colleges and universities will find a platform from which to launch their career in art. A natural progression from graduation, Trinity Art Studios provide an environment to develop skill into commercial application. Artists who have already made the commitment to a career in the arts will find a collective of like minded professionals working at Trinity Art Studios.

Our Program includes access to shared artist space: painting, digital media and sculpture studio, basic equipment and tools such as easel and various forms of sculpture and mold making facilities as well as accommodation on side. Aside from our well equipped work spaces, we also provide additional artist management services. From sales and marketing to financial and legal advice.

-painting studios
-digital media studio
-sculpture/wood workshop
-storage space
-kitchen, library & communal area in the studio
-accommodation is available on side for £800 a month

Consultation & Mentorship

  • Career Consultation
    We offer career consultation for Artist in Residence. The mentor is there to guide the artist through technical and conceptual challenges, helping refine the artist’s eye and skill. Mentorship can provide support, insight and clarity during the o en challenging, artistic process. Mentor will respond to ongoing work, providing guidance, feedback and encouragement.
  • Marketing & Admin Support
    Trinity Art Studios Artist in Residence Program offers marketing and admin support to an artist. This is include:
    -Promoting the artist through Trinity Art Studios website
    -Promoting the artist through Trinity Art Studios social media sites
    -Promoting the artists through various artistic websites such as: Art Council website and ArtRabbit •Monthly newsletter sent out to our mailing list of clients and collectors
    -Opportunity to exhibit at Trinity Art Gallery (
    -Write up of artist statement/bio
  • Cataloguing & Registration of works
    Trinity Art Studios is happy to register Artist’s work with TAGSMART, for provenance, authentication and certification purposes. is tends to add value to the actual work and make for an extra enjoyment & satisfaction for the buyer. It also enables the artist to keep track of works and to gain from any artist re-sale rights should an artwork be sold on the secondary market.

Previous Artists in Residence


Nina Stopar from Slovenia


Stéphanie Kilgast from France


Marium Habib from Pakistan


Jaime Elimelech from Chile

Coming up next:


Annabelle Chace from USA