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Marilyn Durkin uses a visual language so there’s not much to say really. She prefers to have people look and construct their own response based entirely on what they see. The aesthetic judgement is purely subjective and free from purpose. Words just get in the way; as do titles.

She has no stories to illustrate, no concepts to convey; She is just excited by the magical process of manipulating paint to bring nothingness into being. She takes the Kantian view that the aesthetic does not rest upon any concepts or seek to generate any.

It is, of course, impossible for anything to be entirely about nothing. We are complex creatures, existing on many levels. Everything we do is invariably impacted by what we are. Content and form is always a choice at some level. Nothing is without its history, its politics, its ideology, its sexuality. Everything done has meaning and every view taken brings its own meaning; its own subjectivity.

For her, painting is a journey into the unknown and the ‘un- known’ is always an uncomfortable, challenging place. Her paintings emerge slowly through the intense labour of the painting process; it is an alchemistic journey navigating through uncertainty and the frustration of my own limitations.


Untitled 1
oil on canvas


Untitled 2
oil on canvas


Untitled 3
oil on canvas


Untitled 4
oil on canvas


Untitled 5
oil on canvas


Untitled 6
oil on canvas


Untitled 7
oil on canvas


Untitled 8
oil on canvas


Untitled 9
oil on canvas


Untitled 12
oil on canvas


Untitled 15
oil on canvas