Sequin Kay is a visionary contemporary artist, her creations are a dynamic fusion of design and contemporary art, specialising in the selection of reflective surfaces in her creative projects. Her processes have a painterly quality from her training at Camberwell College of Arts where she studied the technique of abstract painting, she was influenced by the vibrational qualities of colour, shape and form. From travelling to India and Asia, she embarked on developing her embroidery and textile techniques, leading her to new avenues within the creative process, she started to see how in various cultures the creative act is connected to the understanding of the divinity of the human experience. She began to use sequins as her medium to load her work with esoteric meaning and divine purpose.

Sequin has felt an energy guiding her through- out her creative practice, she attempts to convey this through her sequin creations, the mystery of life flows throughout her work. Her artwork serves to activate and illuminate a multidimensional memory in her audience, perception and metaphysical depth fuel the philosophy behind the work draw- ing on ancient teachings from our forbearers to convey a message of change and personal growth. Personal memories and painful losses fuel the work with a cosmic relationship to identity; her creative force is a process of abstraction of the self. Her work is a reflection of the cosmic forces in this world; It is time to transcend our human facilities, standing breathless on the brink of something potentially limitless and unknown.

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